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Our wish list:
Dog Food
Dog beds
Flea prevent
Printer paper
Gas cards
Small Collars and Leashes 

New or used items are fine
Medications that are  no longer needed

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Last Updated:
10/22/2021 7:15 PM


Please sign our guest book so we know you where here!

Message From: Nabil Abousaid January 3, 2018
Keep up the good work. Awesome effort and a big heart.

Message From: Grace Hoare September 14, 2017
I adopted George , it was a great experience . Thank You So Much

Message From: (Private) January 8, 2017
If adopted can the name be changed

Message From: Chris Watkins June 8, 2016
This is an amazing rescue. We adopted a pup from here and there has been amazing support from Carlise the Director

Message From: Dorothy Rauch April 14, 2016
Thank you so much for brining our new baby, and newest member of the family. Jasmine'so name has been changed to Layla, per my three girls. We are so in love with our sweetheart! Thank you for all of your great work!

Message From: Elaine June 24, 2015
We are so excited to have officially adopted Summer today. We cannot wait to bring her to her forever home. Thank you to Better Days Dog Rescue for doing such an amazing job.

Message From: Elaine June 18, 2015
I cannot wait to give one of your dogs a forever home. Thank you for doing such good work for these little guys.

Message From: J F April 29, 2015
Love this Rescue!

Message From: Carlise August 18, 2014

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